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  1. Happy Christmas

    December 1, 2020 by jepslibrary

    Christmas Games

  2. Pobble 365

    June 10, 2020 by jepslibrary

    The purpose of Pobble 365 (formerly Picture of the Day) is to make it easy for busy teachers to create engaging lessons. Every day, you can find an interesting picture to spark a lesson, together with writing prompts and philosophical questions that you can use with your students on a smartboard screen, or printed out with our easy-to-use PDFs.

    Teachers now have access to this exciting resource whatever their time zone or term time. And so Picture of the Day became Pobble 365.

    Pobble365 brings a new exciting image every single day of the year and it now has its own dedicated website. This allows us to better display our fantastic images in an even more engaging way and we have provided ‘in-lesson’ and pdf downloadable formats. So, whenever you feel you need a spark to ignite your pupils’ writing, head to and check out this free resource.

    Here is an example:




  3. Wonderopolis

    May 10, 2020 by jepslibrary

    Create. Laugh. Imagine. Explore. Learn. Smile. Grow.

    Visit Wonderopolis®.  It’s a place where wonder and learning are nurtured through the power of discovery, creativity and imagination. Wonderopolis is brought to life by the National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) and supported by our philanthropic partners .

    Do you ever wonder? Great videos that help you wonder. Learn something new, try out an idea, create a masterpiece, imagine possibilities. It’s easy. It’s fun.  How wonderful!!

    Wonders of the Day will help you find learning moments in everyday life.

    Learning is happening everywhere, all the time! Wonderopolis has bottled a little bit of that learning in each Wonder of the Day®.

    And the Wonder of the Day leads to 100 percent guaranteed smiles.

    Welcome to Wonderopolis.

    We’ve been waiting for you.

  4. Choosing “Good Fit” Books

    April 10, 2020 by jepslibrary

    Do you find it hard to find a book that is just right for you?

    Here are some hints on choosing a “Good Fit” book.

    An important part of becoming a successful independent reader is being able to choose “good fit” books. In the library we have started learning how to choose good fit books. Read below to find out more about what a “good fit” book is and how to find one.

    I PICK Good Fit Books

    1. I choose a book

    2. P urpose – Why do I want to read it?

    3. I nterest – Does it interest me?

    4. C omprehend – Do I understand what I am reading?

    5. K now – Do I know most of the words?

    Another way to find a “good fit” book is to use the five finger test. Just use this very simple strategy to select a book that is just right for you.


    The final great ways to find a “Good Fit” book are to find an author you enjoy or to read the first book in a series. If you love them you have ready made reading for weeks (or months) to come as you continue on your reading adventure!

    To help you here are some popular authors and series from our own school library.

    Check them out. I’m sure you’ll find a “Good Fit” book here.

  5. Grammar Goofs

    March 17, 2020 by jepslibrary

    There are many tricky words in the language especially the ones that sound the same but have completely different meanings. Here is a chart to help you choose the correct word in your writing.

    15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
    Like this infographic? Get more copywriting tips from Copyblogger.

  6. PRC

    March 5, 2020 by jepslibrary

    Our goal this year is to have every student complete the Challenge!

    The Premier’s Reading Challenge is a wonderful way in which to encourage our children to read for enjoyment. It begins on Monday, March 2nd. Books that have been read since September, 2019 can be entered online from this date. Start writing down your books now!

    There is a free Premier’s Reading Challenge app for Apple and Android. Download it now and keep track of all your reading! The username and password are the same as your school internet login details.

    K-2 students are to read or have 30 books read to them.

    3-6 students are to read 20 books.

    The challenge finishes on Friday, August 21st, 2020. All entries must be completed by this date.


  7. Staying Safe Online – a reminder

    February 10, 2020 by jepslibrary


    The internet is amazing, but it can also be scary. Playing games, looking at videos and talking to friends online can be a lot of fun!
    • Don’t give out information about yourself.
    • Only talk to people you know.
    • Think carefully before you press send.
    • Watch what you buy online.
    • Talk to an adult if you feel worried.

  8. Internet Safety

    January 11, 2020 by jepslibrary

    Information literacy forms the basis for lifelong learning. It enables learners to master content and extend their investigations, become more self-directed and assume greater control over their own learning.

    It is our responsibility as educators to not only teach our students the skills that enable them to locate, access, use and evaluate information but also encourage understanding of the social and legal responsibilities the use of technology has brought into the classroom.

    There are many links below that will assist you and your students in becoming information literate, responsible digital citizens.


    CYBER SAFETY – how to be safe and responsible online


    INFORMATION SKILLS – including copyright and plagiarism




  9. Great Art Sites

    September 10, 2019 by jepslibrary

    Do you love ART? Here is a selection of sites to use. They include fun drawing and animation, art galleries and lesson plans.

    DRAWING and ANIMATION Fun drawing and animation IWB art activities Fun with Picasso

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